Next Task from Masters: Converting 22 Crore Humans to Pygmies for Sake of Israel

There is a folk tale from my ecological womb area — Jhang, that once an old father and his young, sturdy son went to grain market for some domestic purchase. There, by chance, during altercation things went noisy and broker party started beating the old gentleman. On seeing old father getting thrashed, instead of helping, the son ran away. After some time, when severely beaten, old, frail father managed to reach home the sturdy son was already there. On seeing the bad condition of the old man the neighbors inquired about the issue. The young son narrated all details with sad emotions, but uttered the end note with a sigh of relief that “Though Baba got severe beating, but Thanks God, I saved much of the family honor by running away

A similar time for saving the national honor in similar fashion is has come, and many the ‘sons, are volunteers again. What a joke that a tiny country whose own population is just 15 lakhs is pressurizing us to recognize a country whose foundations are stained with blood Palestinian blood. Few ‘sons’ say that, once recognized, this illegitimate country would teach us how to do modern agriculture. Yes! This sandy patch would teach agriculture to the people of Indus Delta who are doing agriculture for the last 15,000 years. Yes, this country, who openly violates international humanitarian law would teach the art of agriculture to Pakistan who is already food surplus for the last 15 years, despite the fact that similar kinda ‘sons’ have played havoc with the lifeline of the nation.

And then comes an argument that technology shall come. Without going into the pros and cons of technology, how many space shuttles have been fabricated with technological support of the mighty superpower in whose lap we are sitting for the past half century? The wealth of a nation is not decided by technological or financial parameters alone. It’s the holistic sum of all capitals including human, social, moral, intellectual, natural, produced, created, earned, and environmental, which determine the richness, wellbeing and sustainability of a nation, society and person as a stable and normal entity. No society can last long just on the base of financial or technological capitals.

How true was the great philosopher poet of the east: But at last this secret has dawned to the whole world……… Concern for the honor has departed from Taimur’s households.” (Allama Muhammad Iqbal). For paltry benefits, selling the soul and blood of innocent and helpless humans and brothers is really worth regretting. This all talk of techs and progress is a blatant lie told by the brokers of national honor, and soon this lie would be on-air from various paid media houses augmented with all musical instruments. But the real worst is yet to follow. The mega script is to turn 22 crore people of this land to a crowd of pygmies so that when the master plan of the Middle East is unveiled then no nation may stand and oppose the newly drawn blood borders.

The things have been planned to go way beyond recognition of Israel. Soon a nerve shattering and brainwashing propaganda shall start, wherein, on one side, few middle eastern Muslim countries shall be portrayed as having hostile positions, while on the other hand, the Zionist state shall be portrayed as the silver line opportunity in dark clouds of underdevelopment, poverty and extremism hovering above Pakistan. Then, God forbid, if the plans go as designed, then we would be allured to hand over our nuclear assets to joint control in the name of technological support and assistance. And then would come a stage when greater Middle East plan shall be unveiled, and all holy places, including Mecca and Madina, shall go under Zionist control.

We must not recognize this Zionist state. It’s not just a matter of justice for helpless poor Palestinians, but also the question of honor and existence of Pakistan, and above all the matter of protection of the holy mosques of Mecca and Madina. Importing of sprinkling technology for growing tomatoes is not sending us to any other blue planet; neither this land of 5 rivers, 4 weathers, multiple terrains, and 22 crore honorable women and men need any assistance from a bunch of cruel usurpers busy in spilling blood of innocent Palestinians. Pakistan is blessed by Allah almighty. We must remember the words of father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah…… in 1948: that we cannot ever accept Israel as long as Palestinians are not given their rights and there is no just settlement

Dr. Shakir Ahmad Shahid, P.S.P, is Postdoct Fulbright Alumnus in Forensic Science, who has served in various fields like Policing, Investigation, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism on Policy and Operational levels as a Senior Police Officer and Director (counter terrorism). Dr Shahid holds the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, along with research publications in fields of bio-materials, bio-energy, and forensic spectroscopy. In addition to degrees of Master in Psychology, M.Sc Chemistry, L.L.B, B.Sc (Biology), he is Ph.D Research Scholar in Criminology, and a passionate researcher in theoretics of Complex Systems, Negentropes, Socionics, Suicide, Homicide, Social behavior Re-engineering, National narrative, Policing, Intelligence, Governance, National security, Electro-magnetic spectrum, and Forensic evidence. He can be reached at;;



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Dr. Shakir Ahmad Shahid, PSP, Bar, Ph.D, Postdoc

Dr. Shakir Ahmad Shahid, PSP, Bar, Ph.D, Postdoc

Ex-Director (Counter-Terrorism), Fulbright Postdoc (Forensics), Ph.D (Chemistry), Ph.D Sch. (Criminology), M.Sc (Chem.), M.Sc (Psychology), L.L.B. , B.Sc (Bio)