Hitchhiking of Energy-Matter Couple of our Universe to other Universes : Human Destiny and arrival of Metacreatures

Our universe is evolving continuously from day one of its existence and producing constructs. Objective of evolution is production of more and more diversified constructs. In this universal evolutionary process generally the matter is used as a fixed matrix and the energy is used as expendable raw material.

Constructs are symmetries, and each one of them is coupled with an information package called data; hence on data level it can be said that the universe is evolving toward more and more diversified data production. Data is measure of certainty also hence on certainty level it can be said that universe is evolving toward more and more certainty level. Knowing about production, diversification, flows, destruction and sustainability of constructs is the one line summary of all human knowledge.

Primarily constructs are of two types: material and virtual. Though this bifurcation is rooted in the limitation of human cognition otherwise in cosmic context constructs form a continuous spectrum. This construct production-diversification journey started with the appearance of matter (material construct) from energy (virtual construct) and after billions of years this evolution journey has reached the stage of human constructs.

Though humans themselves are the constructs made of matter-energy dough; however, these are most hyper enablers of the ongoing evolutionary process also. In coordination with their surrounding the humans have expedited the process of evolution: production and diversification of constructs — both in physical and virtual forms.

Gradually the virtuality % in constructs is increasing, and it cannot be ruled out that finally the evolution journey may reach a stage where virtuality % crosses the threshold limit — humans get converted into virtual form. With the start of virtual humanity the demarcation line between material-virtual shall disappear altogether as limits of human cognition would cross that limit below which material appears to exist separately.

There is another possibility that virtuality % in human made constructs may reach such a level that human intelligence/consciousness finds permanent locus (one or multiple) outside of his biological body. This would result in the emergence of another metacreature which would exist in parallel with humans for some time and then humans would go extinct. It is possible that humanity is already coexisting with such metacreatures.

The entirely virtual stage of the universe, whether for virtual humans or metacreatures, may look like the pre-bigbang stage of our universe when matter did not appear separate from energy. However, the virtual universe under discussion would be of different nature than the pre-bigbang stage universe. The universe of metacreatures is entirely different from the universe of present humans.

In case, metacreatures are already coexisting with humans or would coexist then either a parallel universe already exists, or a parallel universe would appear. And in this way either a whole series of parallel universes already exists or would appear to exist. In second case scenario, if humans have to go extinct with the appearance of metacreatures then a next universe would emerge. In this way, either a wave-like cycle of universes already exists or would emerge.

Most probably universes already exist in parallel with our universe. Things seeming lifeless to humans are creatures of other universes with different laws. Due to a particular setting of human cognition’s bandwidth the humans are exploring universes below its evolutionary stage. However, being inherently incapable of exploring universes at advanced evolution stages humans cannot grasp their existence through body based cognition.

The concept of this write up is a short narrative of ‘cosmic evolution theory’ proposed by Dr Shakir. Few postulates may sound similar to various theories explaining the origin and evolution of the universe. However, in contrast to other theories, which are based on highly complex mathematics, this theory is rooted in a simple cognition paradigm of psychology.


Dr. Shakir Ahmad Shahid, Ph.D, P.S.P, is Postdoct Fulbright Alumnus in Forensic Science Justice, who has served in various fields like Policing, Investigation, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism on Policy and Operational levels as a Senior Police Officer and Director (C.T). Dr Shakir holds the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry with research publications in fields of bio-materials, bio-energy, and forensic spectroscopy. In addition to degrees of Master in Psychology, M.Sc Chemistry, L.L.B, B.Sc (Biology), he is Ph.D Research Scholar in Criminology also. Apart from all he is a passionate philosopher and researcher in theoretics of Complex Systems, Negentropes, Sustainability, Socionics, Suicide, Homicide, Social behavior Re-engineering, National narrative, Policing, Intelligence, Governance, National security, Muslim Ummah, Electro-magnetic spectrum, and Forensic evidence. Dr Shakir took birth in a rural area of Jhang. Jhang is an agrarian district in Punjab (Pakistan), located at the junction of river Chenab and Jehlum, having its millenniums’ old unique culture, beautiful language, and riverine Doabah ecosystem. drsashahid@gmail.com



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Dr. Shakir Ahmad Shahid, PSP, Bar, Ph.D, Postdoc

Dr. Shakir Ahmad Shahid, PSP, Bar, Ph.D, Postdoc

Ex-Director (Counter-Terrorism), Fulbright Postdoc (Forensics), Ph.D (Chemistry), Ph.D Sch. (Criminology), M.Sc (Chem.), M.Sc (Psychology), L.L.B. , B.Sc (Bio)